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Thanks a lot for your emails and the good service. i really enjoy your website and admire your films - they are unique and mark a big step for the lesbian community.

From Berlin

Thank you Darlings!! I was a Supportive Member, and SSSOOO appreciate the changes to the site and subsequent advantages of visiting often the Gorgeous kaleidescope of the delights of womanhood :) Said it before !! and I'll say it again MMWWAAHHH!! You women are a delight xx

From the UK

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Tribad Sex

This Tribad category is all about full body embraces, rubbing and grinding. Tribad, which is Greek, means rubbing bodies together.

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Tactile Sex

Erotic touch using every aspect of hands and fingers, caressing, stroking, fondling massaging.

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Oral Sex

Sex using every aspect of the mouth.

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Applied Sex

Sex with appliances such as sex toys, dildos, fruit and vegetables.

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Auto Sex

Sex involving self-pleasuring, self-exploration and masturbation.

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