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FREE Chapter Apples and Pairs

01 12 2016 FREE Chapter Apples and Pairs

Rubbing breasts in a 69 position. Explore this FREE CHAPTER which includes video, photos, explanatory text, drawing & tantra.

New Chapters of Lesbian Lovemaking

25 11 2016 New Chapters of Lesbian Lovemaking

View latest chapter English Breakfast Explore each lovemaking position with photos, video, art, explanatory text & ‘Sexercises’ with Tantric exploration. COMING SOONLKS will be available for smartphones



Order your Lesbian Kama Sutra PAPERBACK edition for book lovers. Video lovers view all chapters of lesbian lovemaking. Lesbian Kama Sutra focuses on women’s sexuality from a lesbian point of view and encourages women to enrich their sexual experiences. Women from all over the world have contributed to The Art of Lesbian Lovemaking and so this book is an inspiring read with ‘Sexercises’, ‘Insights’, over a hundred authentic photographs and beautiful illustrations.

Note: The LKS paperback shows all of the new chapters that will be available here with accompanying videos on our new smartphone friendly website in the next few months.

Artwork by Paula

25 09 2013 Artwork by Paula

Paula is working closely with Lesbian Kama Sutra to illustrate the numerous lovemaking positions. She has produced fine art limited edition lino cuts and etchings from the live video sessions. The drawings capture movement and intimacy to translate the rhythm of love into line and colour.

To view the latest Artwork by Paula please visit
The Lesbian Kama Sutra Art Gallery
Price all images 165 Euro / 225 Dollars
10% discount for two or more…

New Chapter Flores Silves-tres

24 09 2013 New Chapter Flores Silves-tres

Brand new Flores Silves-tres a consensual, ethical and responsible threesome…

Free Kama Sutra Access

25 02 2013 Free Kama Sutra Access

FREE ONE MONTH ACCESS to anyone contributing to Lesbian Kama Sutra in these categories…
Glossary Terms
No Shame Vulvas (images)
Artist in Residence (apply)

We wish to thank you for your contribution by giving you a
FREE MONTH ACCESS to the Kama Sutra members area.
Send your valuable contributions as text or images for Sapphosophy

Artist in Residence Dorrie

01 02 2013 Artist in Residence Dorrie

Vulva Puppets by Dorrie are a tool to caste off the shame and disrespect of women’s sexuality; a Wonderous Vulva Puppet educates and empowers our youth, by providing a space for open, heart-felt discussion and learning and as a symbol of self respect and empowerment.

Sapphic Dumbstruck

13 01 2013 Sapphic Dumbstruck

Recent in Sapphosophy – New Poem Sapphic Dumbstruck “Oblivious to the deciphering layers that to most are beyond invisible, it’s almost plain criminal the way that you are audibly no stranger to my quivering body in this instance.”

Passion Rediscovered

15 11 2012 Passion Rediscovered

Recent in Sapphosophy Erotic Story – Passion Rediscovered by Nicky “We have been living together for quite sometime…” Nicky has been granted a free one month access ticket to the LKS Sexions area for this contribution. LKS welcomes your valuable contributions as text or images for the Lesbian Kama Sutra Arts Archive.

No Shame Vulva’s Exhibition

01 11 2012 No Shame Vulva’s Exhibition

This LKS on-line exhibition represents an archive of abstract, metaphorical, poetic and anatomical vulvas. Our gallery celebrates our lack of shame.
We are shamelessly proud of our sexual organ!
Hindus preceded Thomas Ernst Gräfenberg by calling the G. spot Saspanda, and the female ejaculation is called Kama Salila.

Visit Hello Fanny, how do you do? for a self-exploration of your clitoris, labia, urethra, vagina, P.C.Muscle, perineum and G spot…