About LKS

What is Lesbian Kama Sutra online book?

We are borrowing the basic concept of the original Kama Sutra written by the Hindu sage, Vatsyayana two thousand four hundred years ago: An analytical study of the principles of sensual and sexual pleasure. Today, this Lesbian Kama Sutra (LKS) is illustrated with videos, fine art photography and drawings.

An online book is a resource or website in book-like form. The reader's experience with an online book is like reading a printed book, except that the book is read at a computer, ipad/tablet and smartphone and is only accessible while the reader is online.

Who is behind LKS?

Lesbian Kama Sutra is made by a team of three people, Rose a writer and artist, Lilly a photographer and film maker and Lorenza, a web designer/programmer and musician. All our models are 'real lesbians' and not actors, you will notice the difference. We have contributing artists and writers to make LKS an enriching experience so you are in good hands.

Why a Lesbian Kama Sutra?

Lesbian Kama Sutra is a lover’s guide designed to expand and exchange our sexual experiences focusing on women's sexuality from a lesbian point of view. Whether in a short or long term relationship or in no relationship at all, Lesbian Kama Sutra is relevant to you.

What is a Chapter?

Descriptive text explains some of the many techniques for that position with a superb artwork. Gorgeous black and white photographs show the different angles. Tasteful video illuminates the position like a moving photograph, there is no sound. Attributed to each chapter is a Tantra Seven Chakra's insight with a meditation or 'sexercise' closely connected with the position displayed.

What is Sapphosophy?

Sapphosophy is an arts archive contributed by our visitors. It is a lesbian community website which forms part of Lesbian Kama Sutra Online Book. We hope to inspire the mind body and soul. Contributions are very welcome!

What is Wanted?

Wanted is the page used to send in your contributions for Sapphosophy Arts Archive. Send us text or images and you will receive ONE MONTH ACCESS to the member’s area for your contribution.

Please Note

There is no mention of Lesbian Kama Sutra in the 'Subject' of any emails generated by us throughout all the services at LKS Productions.

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Lesbian Kama Sutra is probably the most revolutionary Sapphic arts and lovers guide - for the best lovers and anyone interested in sexual exploration.
...all because lesbian love life matters.