LKS Online Book Membership

14th February, 2023

Purchase complete access for 180 days to Lesbian Kama Sutra (LKS) Online Book and we will email you 'access all areas' personal username and password login details.


7th January, 2023

Free chapter includes video, photos, explanatory text, drawing and tantra sexercises. Lesbian Kama Sutra investigates the intimacy of lesbian lovemaking, exploring the emotional, phycological, cultural and historical aspects.

Lesbian Kama Sutra is an online book. What is an online book?

11th October, 2022

An online book is a website in book-like form with videos! The reader's experience is similar to reading a printed book, except that it is read at a computer, ipad/tablet and smartphone and is only accessible while the reader is online...

Lesbian Kama Sutra Artist in Residence: Dorrie Lane

22nd September, 2022

Vulva Puppets by Dorrie are a tool to caste off the shame and disrespect of women's sexuality...

77 good things about your fingers glossary

14th August, 2022

Lesbian Kama Sutra would be lacking if we did not add the all important element of humour. Humour is to ones own individual taste but we hope that the wide variety represented we have will tickle your fancy...

Celebrate your vulva with us!

10th August, 2022

Participate in our No Shame Vulva Gallery in Sapphosophy! Participate in the Lesbian Treasure *Hunt (C*) This exhibition identifies vulvic treasure look-a-likes to share...

Erotic Short Story: Our First Time

25th July, 2022

By Kristin Miyagishima who has been granted FREE ONE MONTH access to the members area for this contribution

What is Sapphosophy?

25th July, 2022

Sapphosophy is an arts archive contributed by our visitors. It is a lesbian community website which forms part of Lesbian Kama Sutra Online Book..

Brilliant Review by Spirit Sex

25th June, 2022

Read our brilliant review written by Spirit Sex, they have made us burst with pride! "In one stop you can find tips and techniques for sappho love and explore Tantra to experiment with. What more could you possibly ask for from a Sappho-Erotic site?..."

Free Lesbian Kama Sutra Access

13th May, 2022

Anyone contributing to Lesbian Kama Sutra's Sapphosophy Arts Archive will be thanked with a FREE MONTH ACCESS to the Kama Sutra members area...

Gentleman Jack Competition

13th November, 2020

Gentleman Jack’s intimacy coordinator Ita O'Brien used a Lesbian Kama Sutra during her research for the sex scenes between Anne Lister and her lovers.

LKS PAPERBACK edition for BOOK lovers

14th March, 2020

At last, by popular demand we have published a paperback edition of the website Lesbian Kama Sutra: The Art of Lesbian Lovemaking.